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My name is Jack and my wife Avery is HOT! She's a freak and she loves being naughty!
We just started making dirty amateur movies (with the help of our friends at
Now we can't wait to explore our kinkier side! Please let us know what you would like to see us try!

September 2020

image: Housewife Avery and Stacie play with the fucking machine

Video: My Movies: 9-8-20

Introduced to the fuck machine:
Went over to Stacie and Boo's place and they showed me their new fuck machine!! It looks incredible. Stacie showed me how it works by letting me fuck her with it. In this video, you get to watch me take it while Stacie has some fun with me. She is sure to go nice and slow as she put a big cock on it. She speeds it up until I cum all over it.
(video length 6:39)

June 2020

image: Avery and Stacie get naked

Video: My Movies: 6-9-20

Avery Plays Stacie Says!:
In this clip I get to look on as Avery plays Stacie says. Stacie from makes Avery do some really sexy and wild things. You'll see them strip down until they're naked and show off their incredibly sexy bodies. Stacie makes Avery play with some glass dildo! This was so hot to watch, you'll for sure want to check this one out.
(video length 7:28)

May 2020

image: During this quarantine hot young blonde wife gets fucked

Video: My Movies: 5-16-20

Avery fucks private yoga instructor:
I hired a yoga instructor to cum over and help me stretch out during this quarantine. He starts me off with some basic stretches but then tells me he has a new one for me. He tells me to close my eyes and sit up on my knees. He tells me to open my eyes and I'm staring at his huge cock. I take it in my mouth a little before I want him inside me. He fucks me from behind until he cums all over my face.
(video length 8:01)

April 2020

image: Quarantine from Covid19 Jack gets a Handjob

Video: My Movies: 4-19-20

Quarantine Handjob:
Jack isn’t feeling well during this quarantine so he gets some extra attention. When he rings for me, I come in a check his temperature but the thermometer isn’t working that great so I use something else to take his temperature, his cock! I decide to help him feel better and since we have to social distance I use a new toy pussy I got for him. I lube him up and slowly put him into it. I stroke his hard cock until his cum finally explodes out into and on the fake pussy.
(video length 6:42)

Febuary 2020

image: Watch Avery get fucked and ride a big dick

Video: My Movies: 2-25-20

Jack gets home early:
Jack gets home early from a busy day at work and I have been so horny and waiting for him. Im so excited to see him that all I want is for him to fuck me. I jump right onto his hard cock and it just feels so good. I have him fuck me until he cums all over my sexy ass.
(video length 8:12)

January 2020

image: Avery loves the smell of a mans balls

Video: My Movies: 1-28-20

Worshipping Jack's Balls:
There is just something about Jack's smell that I cannot get enough of. In fact, the best place to get his scent is his balls! I spend some quality time getting some sniffs in while I stroke his cock. To top it all off, I get a BIG, messy facial.
(video length 6:43)

image: Housewife Avery gets off in the shower

Video: My Movies: 1-2-20

Private Shower time:
Thought I would give you a nice relaxing and sexy show of me in the shower giving my body some TLC. I wash my long silky hair, caress my body with some soap, then I surprise you with a vibrator I was hiding in the shower for a little cum show. Go ahead and stroke your cock while you worship my body and see me cum.
(video length 7:47)

December 2019

image: Housewife Avery gives a holiday handjob

Video: My Movies: 12-22-19

Holiday Safety Inspection:
I'm trying to get to a holiday party that I cannot miss and I have to get my decorations inspected for safety. The inspector comes and starts giving me a hard time about them and says it needs to be fixed or else. Well, I decide its best that we work something out instead. I take his pants of and begin stroking his already hard cock. I work his cock until his cum explodes all over my hands. Thanks for some handy work, I was able to pass inspection.
(video length 7:06)

November 2019

image: Horny Housewife gets sucked and fucked

Video: My Movies: 11-24-19

Horny Housewife gets oral and more:
Avery just hasn't been doing as good of a job cleaning and I think I know why. All she can think about is my cock and she is distracted. As I talk to her about it all I can feel is her eyes staring it. We take turns teasing each other before we have sex on the couch and I end up cumming all over her tits.
(video length 8:06)

image: Avery takes a huge load of cum to the face

Video: My Movies: 11-15-19

My Gamer husband cums on my face:
My husband Jack has been playing video games all day and I'm horny. I interrupt his game so I can tease his cock to make him hard. I get his dick hard and tease and suck it and he cums all over my face and glasses, which is my favorite.
(video length 6:12)

October 2019

image: Avery gets horny in the bathtub

Video: My Movies: 10-25-19

Bath time and play time:
It's been such a stressful few weeks that I needed a nice break and a day to relax. I decided to take a bath and thought why not enjoy myself a little more. Jack's been working a lot so I was really horny, I pulled out an old toy and decided to fuck myself with it. It felt so good inside me, can't wait for the real thing.
(video length 6:36)

image: Avery cums hard with her new toy

Video: My Movies: 10-4-19

My new toy:
I am so excited for my new vibrator. It's my favorite color and it feels amazing inside me. I'm so happy I picked this one out, the way it makes my pussy feel is amazing. The dildo part goes in just deep enough to hit my G-spot and the little butterfly vibrator hits my clit in all the right places. Best purchase ever!
(video length 6:51)

September 2019

image: Avery gives a happy ending massage

Video: My Movies: 9-14-19

Tension Releasing Massage:
Avery has taken up a new hobby of massage and she has a new client, Mr. Jones. He tells her that he has a lot of tension in his upper thighs and she gladly acknowledges and proceeds to rub out the tension. The only towel available seems to keep slipping off until Mr. Jones hard cock is out and Avery is eager to relieve the tension. She strokes his hard cock with oil until all of the tension comes shooting out.
(video length 8:56)

August 2019

image: Avery's chocolate foot job mess

Video: My Movies: 8-29-19

Sundae Footjob:
This time its Avery's turn to get the sundae and boy was it a messy one! I cover her sexy feet in some silky chocolate sauce, smother some cream all over, and top it off with some cherries. Playing with her feet makes her excited so naturally I use the cream and chocolate sauce to slide my hard cock between those sexy soles. I rub my cock all over her feet until I top her feet with some of my cream.
(video length 5:55)

image: Avery gets fucked by Jack

Video: My Movies: 8-18-19

Packing leads to quickie and cumshot:
I'm packing up some things around our place and Avery comes in wearing such an incredibly sexy outfit and I can't help but be distracted. She tells me I need to pack something else, my cock in her pussy. She sucks me off and then rides my dick, feeling her orgasm over and over. I get behind her and it isn't long before I bust a thick load on her ass.
(video length 5:20)

image: Avery gives a sundae blowjob

Video: My Movies: 8-8-19

Sundae Blowjob:
I ran out of ice cream and I really wanted a sundae. I think I will make one on Jack's cock instead, sounds like a MUCH better option anyway. I first put some silky smooth chocolate on his hard cock, spray some whipped cream, and topped it off with a cherry. I even got an even better treat at the end.
(video length 6:25)

July 2019

image: Avery double fingers Stacie and Gabby pussy

Video: My Movies: 7-29-19

Avery fingers her friends:
Stacie and Gabby are having a hard time taking their partners huge cocks so they have made an appointment with Avery to get their pussies stretched. Avery gets her fingers all lubed up, Stacie and Gabby tied up, and slides in. Both Stacie and Gabby love Avery's "handy" work and are ready to take their partner's cocks by the end.
(video length 7:48)

image: Stacie, Avery, and Gabby all together for some fun in the sun

Video: My Movies: 7-18-19

Summer Pool Party:
A very HOT and WET pool party. Stacie, Avery, and Gabby all together for some fun in the sun and the pool. Anything can happen at a pool party and this was no exception. Such a blast in more ways than one!
(video length 20:19)

image: Avery Celebrates July 4th with sexy outfit

Video: My Movies: 7-9-19

Avery Celebrates July 4th with sexy outfit:
Avery surprises me with a sexy new outfit she picked out for this July 4th. I have never seen a woman make the colors look so good. Sexy patriotic underwear and pasties makes her look so good. It's not long before she has my cock in her mouth. After getting my cock nice and hard, I get behind her and feel her wet pussy. After some fucking I show her my fireworks by cumming all over her tits.
(video length 7:17)

June 2019

image: Avery and Gabby fuck after the pool party

Video: My Movies: 6-30-19

Avery and Gabby fuck after the pool party:
After an exciting pool party, Avery and Gabby head into a room and decide to take turns pleasing each other. Avery makes Gabby suck her strap-on cock and then gets her on the bed to fuck her with it. After Avery fucks Gabby, it is Avery's turn. Gabby licks Avery's wet & juicy pussy until she cums.
(video length 11:59)

image: Jody sucks and fucks Frank ending in a spectacular facial

Video: My Movies: 6-22-19

Private Yoga lesson and fuck:
Frank made another appointment with Jody, this time for a private yoga lesson. Frank's shorts are a little short and things keep falling out. Doesn't take long for Jody to notice. Frank convinces Jody to help him take care of it. Jody sucks and fucks Frank ending in a spectacular facial.
(video length 5:52)

image: Avery gives Frank a handjob at work

Video: My Movies: 6-9-19

Dress Code Offender:
Avery is hard at work and catches Frank wearing very short and tight shorts. She stops and questions him as to why his cock is hanging out! Frank doesn't know what to say and so as his boss Avery decides to teach him a hard lesson. She strokes his cock until he cums all over her hands and legs.
(video length 5:12)

May 2019

image: Nurse Avery loses a sample

Video: My Movies: 5-28-19

Nurse Avery loses a sample:
Nurse Avery and Dr Feltersnatch are back and this time she lost a patient’s sperm sample and the Doctor is upset. The patient’s appointment is tomorrow and they have to get a sample together asap! The Doctor tells Avery she needs to collect a sample from him. They waste no time in getting the sample. She strokes and sucks the Doctors cock until she finally gets the sample.
(video length 8:52)

image: Worshipping & Cumming on my wife averys feet

Video: My Movies: 5-20-19

Worshipping & Cumming on her feet:
Avery’s feet are so incredibly sexy. The soles of her feet soft and smooth, perfect arches for putting a cock between, and wiggling toes that feel so good. Join me in worshipping Avery’s delicious looking feet. Can’t you just picture putting your hard cock all over her feet and then just cumming all over the soles.
(video length 5:34)

image: New Maid Avery finds my pocket pussy

Video: My Movies: 5-7-19

Maid finds my pocket pussy:
Avery is cleaning up in her sexy maid costume and finds a pocket pussy. She gets excited thinking about what I do with it and decides she wants to stroke my cock with it! Seeing her in her maid outfit drove me wild while she was stroking for my cum. She really knows how to use that pocket pussy.
(video length 7:16)

April 2019

image: Avery suck and fuck JOI

Video: JOI: 4-29-19

Avery suck and fuck JOI:
You're back again and I see you brought a friend ;). Your friend seems a little shy but I know you're ready for me. He can watch as I suck your hard cock. Once he feels up for it he can slide his dick into my juicy wet pussy and I'll suck you until you cum. I count down until I have you both cum all over my face.
(video length 8:43)

image: Avery wakes up to blowjob and titjob

Video: My Movies: 4-19-19

Avery wakes up to blowjob and titjob:
Avery just woke up and she’s already horny. She asks me to come in and immediately wants to suck my cock. She sucks on it until she wants it to slide in between her tits. She lays down on the bed and I slide my dick in and out of her tits until I shoot a huge load.
(video length 5:49)

image: Housewife Avery gives a handjob to another man

Video: My Movies: 4-8-19

Avery rubs and tugs Boo's cock:
I watch as Avery makes Boo strip down and stroke Boo's cock. She strokes and even sucks it to get his cum. its so hot to watch her stroke Boo's cock and you are sure to cum as hard as Boo does in this video. She strokes his cock hard until he finally explodes all over Avery's hand. Plus a little bonus at the end ;)
(video length 11:40)

March 2019

image: Avery gives a foot job

Video: My Movies: 3-29-19

Study Break Leads to Footjob:
While trying to study and cram for her quizzes tomorrow Avery decides she wants a break. All she can think about is my cock and she can't wait to het her hands, mouth and feet on it! She is wearing the sexiest outfit with black pantyhose and after I cum she rubs her feet all over it!
(video length 9:01)

image: Stacie fucks Avery with a dildo - joi

Video: JOI: 3-17-19

Pushing Boundaries with Avery:
Stacie and Avery are at it again and this time Stacie wants to push the boundaries with Avery a bit. Stacie tells you to jack off as she touches Avery all over. As you jerk of you get to see Avery’s beautiful all natural tits and her lovely pussy spread open. Stacie and Avery tell you to stroke that cock and cum all over her pussy.
(video length 10:04)

image: Avery Sucks Jack in the Shower

Video: My Movies: 3-7-19

Avery Sucks Me in the Shower:
While taking a shower Avery decides to surprise me with a blowjob! She is wearing a seriously sexy outfit and hops in the shower fully clothed! She starts sucking my cock and loves every minute of it. I get so excited when she stands up and shows me her ass that I cum all over it!
(video length 4:39)

February 2019

image: Stacie fucks Avery with a dildo - joi

Video: My Movies: 2-25-19

Avery Cums at a Friend's House:
While over at Stacie's house, we are really horny and I decide to make Avery cum. I lay her down on a table and lick her wet and juicy pussy. Then I finger fuck her while licking her clit until she thinks she can't take anymore. But I surprise her with this nice vibrator on her clit until she finally cums.
(video length 4:54)

image: Fitness trainer sucking cock in glasses.

Video: My Movies: 2-16-19

Fitness Bootcamp Turns into Blowjob:
Jody's running a popular fitness bootcamp and Frank's been waiting so long to get in. He finally gets to work out with Jody and is so excited. After a brief warm up, Jody can already see her clients excitement and it shows through his shorts. She takes a close look at the situation and sucks his cock. After a nice mouth workout, Frank cums all over Jody's pretty face and glasses.
(video length 7:23)

image: Avery fucks and gets a big facial.

Video: My Movies: 2-6-19

Getting Ready Leads to Quickie & Facial:
I see Avery getting ready and just can't take it anymore, I want to fuck. I put Avery on the bathroom sink and start licking her wet cunt. Then I fuck her on the counter until I'm about to cum. I pull out and cum all over Avery's pretty little face. She looks so beautiful with cum on her face!
(video length 5:13)

January 2019

image: Avery strokes cock with her pretty feet.

Video: My Movies: 1-28-19

Painting Nails + Cum on Her Feet:
Avery decides to do some self-care and pamper her feet. She paints her nails nice & slow and wiggles her toes a little. She touches and rubs her feet sensually and wants my dick on her feet as soon as possible. She sucks until I'm hard then rubs her feet all over my cock. Her feet as so soft she makes me cum super quick!!! I cum all over her feet and toes and Avery loves it.
(video length 8:41)

image: Avery strokes cock for cum.

Video: My Movies: 1-19-19

Avery Strokes Cock for Cum:
She's back at it and sexy as ever. In this video, Avery keeps it simple with an awesome handjob. She strokes my hard cock and makes sure she gets my balls too (can't forget them!) After stroking harder and faster, Avery finally gets what she wants, a huge load of cum. If you love watching Avery stroke cock, you can pretend it's your dick getting stroked ;)
(video length 7:45)

image: Avery fucks on New Years.

Video: My Movies: 1-10-19

2018 New Year's Fuck:
2018 is coming to a close and Avery wanted to end it with a bang! It's a little bit before midnight and the balls drop ;) and so we spend the time ending the year with a nice fucking. I eat Avery's sweet pussy and then lay her down and fuck her cunt hard. As midnight approaches Avery gives me the final countdown and I cum all over her at the stroke of midnight.
(video length 4:21)

image: Avery wants your cum.

Video: JOI: 1-4-19

Avery's New Toy JOI:
Avery got a new toy and is dying to play with it. But she also really wants you to play along and stroke your cock. As she plays with her new vibrator, she instructs you to take your big juicy cock and stroke it nice and hard for her as she cums all over her toy. At the end you both cum together.
(video length 6:57)

December 2018

image: XXXmas elf Avery sucks cock and receives big messy facial.

Video: My Movies: 12-27-18

Avery Opens a Christmas Present:
Avery was such a wonderful little sexy Christmas elf and wrapped up all of the gifts. She has so much Christmas cheer I thought I would reward her by letting her open a Christmas gift early! She had no idea what was in store for her and loved the surprise. She gets an even better surprise when I cum all over her beautiful face.
(video length 6:33)

image: Avery begs for your cock and cum.

Video: JOI: 12-19-18

Can't Sleep So Jerk Off:
Avery can't sleep so she wants you to take out your big juicy cock and stroke it for her. She makes you jerk your cock nice and hard so that she can watch you cum. To help you out she takes her big and beautiful natural tits out. Gives a nice target to spray your hot cum on. Stroke your cock exactly like she says - Avery wants your cum!
(video length 5:26)

image: Avery fucks a dildo while watching porn.

Video: My Movies: 12-11-18

Avery Gets Caught Watching Porn!:
Avery is wearing the sluttiest, sexiest outfit and watching some hot action from Stacie and Boo! Now she just can't help her horniness. She sucks and fucks herself with a dildo - that is until I get home. I come home to find her masturbating at my desk and watching porn without me! I decide to punish her by tying her to the chair and making her cum. After Avery cums then it is my turn and I cum all over her amazing tits.
(video length 9:08)

image: Avery fucks Jack with her size 6 feet.

Video: My Movies: 12-4-18

Foot Massage + Blowjob + Footjob:
I'm giving Avery a nice foot massage but we just can't help ourselves and Avery needs a juicy cock in between her feet and I get more turned on every time I touch her feet. Avery sucks until my cock is wet and hard and then she rubs my cock with her feet - gripping my thick cock in between her toes. I fuck Avery's feet until I cum all over those sexy soles of hers.
(video length 6:24)

November 2018

image: Avery wants your cum on her asshole.

Video: JOI: 11-26-18

Avery's JOI for Masturbator:
Alright Masturbator, I'm going to walk you through stroking your hard cock as you watch me strip and tease you. I love how full your balls are and I want your cum all over my tight little asshole. So get your lube out and start stroking while you concentrate on my beautiful all natural tits and my juicy ass. Stroke hard and fast as you cum all over my sweet asshole.
(video length 5:25)

image: Avery gets spanked 33 times on her as by both Donny and Jack.

Video: My Movies: 11-20-18

Avery's 33rd Birthday Spanks:
Can you believe Avery turned 33?! She is so beautiful and keeps getting sexier and sexier each year. In this clip Stacie narrates and counts down while Boo and I both spank her ass 33 times!!! I start her off with soft spanking for her perfect bottom and then Boo comes in for the finish and he smacks her ass until its cherry red! Then I kiss her beautiful butt to make it feel better!
(video length 3:36)

image: Nurse Avery strokes cock in her uniform and gloves.

Video: My Movies: 11-12-18

Horny Nurse Loves Collecting Sperm:
Nurse Avery's favorite part of the job is stroking cocks and collecting sperm specimens. It's her lucky day as a new patient walks in for his appointment. She set's him up and strokes his cock hard. Nurse Avery loves how juicy his cock is and gets so excited when she finally gets the sample she's been waiting for.
(video length 6:51)

October 2018

image: Avery sucks cock and gets fucked.

Video: My Movies: 10-30-18

Vacation Blowjob + Fucking:
We're on a cruise for Avery's birthday and get a bit horny in between all the fun things to do. Avery sucks my cock and this makes her pussy nice and wet. After sucking some cock Avery just begs for my hard dick in her pussy. Of course I give her what she wants by fucking her doggy style and cumming on her sexy ass.
(video length 3:43)

image: Avery sucks cock like a pro with lots of gagging.

Video: My Movies: 10-21-18

Avery's Sloppy Blowjob:
Avery is bored at home and of course she's horny. She wears the leggings she knows drive me wild. I find her reading and ask for a blowjob since I know she's horny. Avery gives me a nice sloppy blowjob with HOT sucking and gagging sounds. If you like the sound of that you will love this!!! She sucks and licks my cock until she wants me to cum all over her ass!
(video length 7:23)

image: Pussy licking, fucking and cum on tits for hot wife Avery.

Video: My Movies: 10-12-18

Pussy Eating, Fucking and Cum on Tits:
We are both so fucking horny and want to just get it on! Avery is wearing some really sexy lingerie and I lick her tight, little, wet pussy. After Avery gets worked, she returns the favor with a quick blow job. Then we fuck until I squirt cum all over Avery's beautiful natural tits.
(video length 10:39)

image: Avery's barefeet footjob with lotion.

Video: My Movies: 10-2-18

Lotion + Footjob = Cum on Feet:
Avery's size 6 feet are back and in this one she seductively rubs lotion on her feet and really gets in between those toes. After putting on some lotion, she craves cock in between her small feet and long toes. I can't resist holding and fucking her tiny sexy feet! After fucking her beautiful bare feet - I shoot cum all over them!!!
(video length 5:59)

September 2018

image: Avery eats cum on her cake.

Video: My Movies: 9-21-18

Avery Bakes a Cum Cake:
Avery is back at it in the kitchen wanting to bake a yummy cake, but is wanting it to be extra special. She has everything she needs but is missing one key ingredient, CUM! She calls me in to help out and proceeds to stroke and suck my cock. Avery is very hungry for cake, cock, and cum! After she sucks like a pro, I stroke my cock until I cum all over the cake. Avery finishes baking the cake and has to taste it. She really loves her cum cake - what a wife!!!
(video length 9:30)

image: Avery tastes cum after giving a handjob

Video: My Movies: 9-14-18

Avery's CFNM Handjob:
Avery is heading out for the night and leaving me home alone. She must know I'm just going to jerk off like I always do when she's gone. But lucky for me Avery really wants to do it instead! She doesn't have time to take off her clothes, and I have a funny little surprise for her when she removes my clothes. She strokes my cock and lets me cum on her amazing tits, but what she doesn't see "cumming" is that I came all over her dress too! It's a good thing she loves me!!
(video length 8:58)

image: Avery sucks cock for extra credit

Video: My Movies: 9-2-18

Avery Blackmailed by Professor Jack:
Avery is supposed to be studying, but instead she is shopping. Professor Jack catches her shopping and is furious! He knows she is only getting an A because she cheats off the other students. The professor decides to turn the tables and makes Avery suck his dick. Avery sucks the Professor's dick until he decides to get the "A", Avery is going to get cum on her face. Professor Jack sprays a huge cum load on Avery's face.
(video length 9:29)

August 2018

image: Avery sucks and fucks in the shower

Video: My Movies: 8-22-18

Avery's Surprise in the Shower:
I've left a "big" surprise in the shower for Avery I can't wait until she finds it! She will find a BIG dildo in the shower that she can suck and fuck! She sucks it so well and then proceeds to fuck the dildo!!! I get a little jealous of all the action and want to get in on it! She sucks my cock until I can't take it anymore and I shoot cum all over her pretty face! She's so fucking HOT, I definitely enjoyed it and I know you will too!
(video length 6:49)

image: Wild sucking and fucking with 2 crazy couples

Video: My Movies: 8-15-18

Avery and Stacie Fuck Together:
Avery and Stacie are horny and want Boo and I to fuck them. We start by licking their delicious cunts and then we get blowjobs before the fucking starts! Boo fucks Stacie right next to Avery and I and then it gets even hotter!!! Stacie sucks my cock and Avery sucks Boo's cock, until she joins in with Stacie and I get a double blowjob!! Boo gets horny again and fucks Stacie till he cums all over her and then I fuck Avery until I spray her back full of cum.
(video length 20:39)

image: Black nylons footjob from Avery

Video: My Movies: 8-6-18

Sexy Black Pantyhose Footjob:
I had a bad day at work and all I want to do is come home and see Avery. I find her in the bedroom with the door shut and when I open it I get a wonderful surprise. Avery in sexy lingerie with her tan legs hidden underneath smooth black pantyhose. It isn't long before she helps me have a better day! She sucks my cock and then lets me fuck her feet. She strokes my cock until I cum all over the soles of her feet!
(video length 9:51)

July 2018

image: Avery's gets her big tits fucked

Video: My Movies: 7-30-18

Fucking Avery's Tits Before She Rests!:
I'm horny but Avery's laying down to rest. I tell her how horny I am and then I see her beautiful natural tits. I decide that I am going to fuck her tits so she can just rest and relax. She perks right up when I slide my dick between her tits and before long I cum all over her - then she tastes it!
(video length 5:12)

image: Avery shows off pussy

My Pictures: 7-23-18

Avery Strips: Avery proves she looks amazing both in and out of any sexy outfit! She strips it off piece by piece until there's nothing left - except her naked beautiful body, her very long hair and her slutty stripper heels! She's really enjoying all the attention and maybe even craving it now...
(66 picture set )

image: Avery's HOT cum covered butt

Video: My Movies: 7-14-18

Avery's Sexy Ass Oiled Up:
I get Avery in the bed and show off her very sexy ass and I top it off by rubbing her down with some oil. You get to experience how hot her ass is and how much she enjoys getting rubbed down. I play with her pussy and rub her ass until I decide I cannot take anymore, she's so HOT! I jerk off and cum all over her ass!
(video length 6:45)

image: Stacie licking Avery's pussy

Video: My Movies: 7-7-18

Avery and Stacie Dirty Story Time:
Stacie tells Avery a dirty story but instead of telling her the whole thing, she shows her! She gently rubs Avery's nice tan body, then removes her panties. This is when Stacie really begins the fun! She fingers, licks, and sucks that tasty pussy until Avery cums all over that crazy wife's mouth!
(video length 17:04)

June 2018

image: Sexy blonde wifey fucking and facial

Video: My Movies: 6-28-18

Sucking, Fucking + HUGE Facial:
Avery is so fucking sexy and gives everything in this amazing hardcore clip! After sucking my cock off like a pro, she fucks my cock in several positions then gets down on her knees and begs for cum! Of course I want to keep her happy so I shoot a massive cum load all over her pretty face!
(video length 8:51)

image: Freaky big red lips sucking cock

Video: My Movies: 6-20-18

Blowjob with BIG Red Lips!:
In this clip Avery is wearing some sexy lingerie and decides to give me a nice blowjob with a twist. She puts on some BIG red lips and lets me stuff my thick cock in her mouth. After some sucking and gagging we get on the bed and I fuck her mouth - until I cum all over her freaky BIG red lips!
(video length 7:55)

image: Avery and Stacie suck Jack's dick off

Video: My Movies: 6-12-18

Avery and Stacie Suck My Cock:
Avery and Stacie can't get enough sucking cock together. In this video it's finally my turn to get up on the table and get my cock sucked by two hot amateur wives!!! They both take turns licking and sucking until I shoot my load! Then Stacie and Avery taste my cum. So fucking HOT!!
(video length 10:43)

image: Sexiest tanlines handjob.

Video: My Movies: 6-5-18

Sexy Tanlines - Vacation Handjob:
With Avery's sexy body & amazing tanlines I can't help but stroke my cock while she's prancing around the room half naked! Luckily I have an incredible wife who knows how to satisfy! In this clip she get's down to business & strokes my cock hard until I shoot a huge cumshot - then she tastes it!
(video length 5:58)

May 2018

image: Avery fingers Stacie's cunt.

Video: My Movies: 5-26-18

Avery Fingers Stacie's Pussy:
Stacie's pussy is dripping waiting for Avery's small hands to finger fuck her!!! Avery really fucks Stacie's pussy with ALL her fingers until finally Stacie cums all over Avery's hand and then just when you think it's finished, Stacie licks Avery's hand clean and swallows her own cum!!!
(video length 6:32)

image: Nurse Avery strokes, sucks and fucks.

Video: My Movies: 5-19-18

Nurse Avery Helps Release Cum Load:
Nurse Avery is back at it again! She sees a patient for his check up and discovers that he is really backed up and needs to cum. She strokes his cock, but finds it is not enough. Nurse Avery then decides to take more drastic measures to relieve her patient. She sucks and fucks him until he cums all over her gorgeous ass.
(video length 7:26)

image: Avery and Stacie suck Boo's cock for cum

Video: My Movies: 5-11-18

Avery and Stacie ( both feel like sucking a cock together. In this video, they pick Boo to get up on the table and get his cock sucked by two hot amateur wives!!! They both take turns licking and sucking his big cock and later on Stacie decides to hop up on the table. This is when it really heats up. Stacie ends up fucking Boo until he is ready to cum, then Avery milks his cock until he cums. Very hot and exciting clip :)
(video length 16:29)

image: Avery strokes cock in red lingerie

Video: My Movies: 5-3-18

Avery Jerks Me Off in Lingerie:
Avery's dressed in some nice red lingerie with a g-string, she is so hot. In this clip she get's down to business and strokes my cock hard. She knows what she wants and is determined to get it. She loves when I cum on her ass and she gets what she wants. I cum all over her ass and she is extremely happy.
(video length 6:41)

April 2018

image: Avery and Stacie sucking cocks

Video: My Movies: 4-26-18

Avery and Stacie Bond Over Blowjobs:
They team up to give Boo and Jack a very special treat. Avery and Stacie get the guys naked and suck their cocks together. They do a fantastic job of sucking cock together. Jack cums in Avery's mouth and she swallows every last drop. Avery enjoys a close up show of Stacie sucking Boo's cock. Afterwards Boo ends up fucking Stacie until he cums all over her.
(video length 20:21)

image: Avery fucks her neighbor again!

Video: My Movies: 4-19-18

Nick the Neighbor's Quickie with Avery:
After their first hook up, Avery wanted to see and feel Nick's big cock. He comes over and finds that Jack isn't home and that Avery is alone and HORNY! She gets him on the bed and has her way with him. Nick loves the way Avery's pussy feels and can't get enough!!!
(video length 7:17)

image: POV lotion handjob

Video: My Movies: 4-11-18

Avery Gives a Handjob with Creamy Lotion:
This was a request we received from a fan of our videos. He wanted to see Avery's beautiful hands covered in creamy lotion and then see those hands stroke a cock. This clip is in the male POV and with no male talking. She strokes that cock until you erupt with cum! ;)
(video length 10:03)

image: Avery orgasms hard

Video: My Movies: 4-4-18

Avery Cums with a New Toy:
Avery gets a new toy to play with and I help her enjoy it. She gets her pussy fingered, licked, and penetrated until she cums multiple times! Her tight, wet pussy drips with her cum and she loves it! If you like seeing a pussy be pleasured with multiple toys this is your clip!
(video length 7:26)

March 2018

image: Horny housewife fucks cock with her feet

Video: My Movies: 3-28-18

Pantyhose Covered Feet and a Footjob:
Avery is wearing some sexy lingerie and pantyhose! I rub her perfect little feet and then oil up her ass. After a nice rubdown, Avery gives me a rubdown of her own. I eventually cum all over her pantyhose covered feet and feed her some cum.
(video length 7:44)

image: Avery gets naked for you

My Pictures: 3-20-18

Avery's Totally Naked!: Stacie here at Wife Crazy and I'm so excited to announce that after much anticipation, Avery strips totally butt naked! Her glorious body was definitely worth the wait! Things are about to get magical boys - grab your cocks and hold on tight for this gorgeous horny hottie!!
(65 picture set )

image: Avery sucks and fucks her neighbor

Video: My Movies: 3-11-18

Nick the Neighbor Fucks Avery:
Nick, Avery's neighbor comes over to borrow a cup of sugar. Little does he know Avery is really horny and lonely without Jack home. Avery seduces Nick with a blowjob and then he fucks her in the kitchen. Avery loves facials so Nick cums all over her face.
(video length 6:57)

image: Avery's facial in glasses

Video: My Movies: 3-4-18

Avery's After Work Blow Job:
After a long day at work I'm relaxing on the couch, watching some tv. Avery comes in wearing a really sexy dress and wants her mouth on my cock. She gives me an amazing blowjob and wants my cum so bad. She tells me to cum on her face and is pleased with the end result.
(video length 5:57)

February 2018

image: Real wife Avery's first ever footjob

Video: fetish: 2-26-18

Avery's Sexy Pantyhose Footjob:
This clip was a fan request! Avery is dressed in some really sexy lingerie and dark pantyhose. Her legs look so good and I can't help myself. She's been on her feet all day and just wants to massage my cock with her feet. I fuck her feet until I cum all over those dark pantyhose!
(video length 6:13)

image: Two wives begging for cum

Video: JOI: 2-16-18

Give Us Cum Jerkboy!: Stacie told me about your nice cock and now I want to see it too! Stroke like this while we count you down - when we hit one, shoot your cum!
(video length 7:24)

image: Avery's sexy orgasm

Video: My Movies: 2-9-18

My 1st Magic Wand Orgasm:
A magic wand for my horny pussy! I hold it against my clit while Jack fingers bangs me good - until I have an awesome orgasm!!
(video length 6:49)

image: Stacie and Avery stroke big black cock with their feet

Video: JOI: 2-2-18

Footjob JOI with Crazy Stacie: Stroke hard while we play footsies with this big cock and each other! Want to see me give a real footjob? Tell me...(email's inside)
(video length 8:17)

January 2018

image: Real wife Avery gives good hand

Video: fetish: 1-26-18

Pierced Nipples Handjob: Stroking Jack's cock with my pretty pierced nipples out! I caress with my soft hands and he shoots a nice load of cum for me! I love cum!
(video length 4:38)

image: Two sexy maids fuck themselves with glass dildos

Photos: 1-19-18

Sexy Maids: Stacie shows me exactly how to clean up in this xxx business! We make sure everything's sparkling from the inside out! We work hard to get you hard Mister!!
(57 picture set)

image:  Avery fucks with her beautiful tits

Video: fetish: 1-12-17

Avery's Tanlines Titjob: I squeeze my all natural tits tight around Jack's cock while he fucks! He loves my tanlines and shoots cum on my chest and then I taste it! Yummy
(video length 5:00)

image: Stacie worships Avery's pantyhose feet

Video: fetish: 1-5-18

Pantyhose Foot Worship: Crazy wife has too much fun with my sweet feet! Licking and sucking - then rubbing her pussy on them! Maybe she'll let me fuck her with my feet!
(video length 8:07)

image: Nurse Avery swallows the sperm sample

Video: My Movies: 1-1-18

Nurse Avery - Sperm Sample: With perfect bedside manner, I prove my worth to the doctor! I skillfully collect his sample and test it in the most slutty way! *with bloopers*
(video length 6:46)

December 2017

image: Stacie and Avery xxxmas tits and ass

Pictures: 12-25-17

Merry Christmas: WifeCrazy and I get you in the xxxmas spirit! We're trying to be nice not naughty, but it's okay either way - Santa always joyously cums for us!
(50 picture set)

image: Avery begs for your cum for xxxmas

Video: JOI: 12-16-17

Nice JOI - Avery: I'm trying to make the nice list and I want your cum for xxxmas! Stroke your cock exactly how I instruct you - then shoot cum into my open mouth!
(video length 7:36)

image: Avery sucks dick and gets cum on tits

Video: My Movies: 12-6-17

Avery's First Blowjob Video: Feeling sexy in this outfit and needing to suck cock! I lick and suck Jack's dick until he shoots cum on my natural tits! You like my tanlines?
(video length 5:03)

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